Eurotrip – Vienna (Austria) – Paris (France) – London (UK) – Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Dresden (Germany) – Prague (Czech Republic) – 11 days

Dates:              14.5.2016 – 24.5.2016

                        16.7.2016 – 26.7.2016

                        17.9.2016 – 27.9.2016

Price:               799,- EUR

The price includes: transport with a luxury bus, English speaking guide, local guide’s services (if possible – Chinese speaking), accommodation in 4* hotels, breakfast

The price DOES NOT include: flight tickets, entrance fees (optional, depends on the client), lunch, dinner and travel insurance

DAY 1: Vienna (Austria)

  • Arrival to Vienna
  • Transfer from the airport to city center
  • Accommodation at the hotel
  • Evening city tour (Stephansdom, Hoffburg, Parliament, City Hall, museums)
  • Free program


For centuries, Vienna was the center of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. And that is why we can find here so many magnificent historical monuments. One of the most beautiful of them is the gorgeous Gothic church – St. Stephen´s Cathedral. Nearby, there is a famous shopping street Kartnerschtrasse where you can admire luxury goods from all over the world. Well-known is also the royal castle Hoffburg and the oldest museums in Central Europe, e.g. the Cultural History Museum or the Natural History Museum. There are some other important historical and cultural sites, e.g. the Town hall or the Parliament. Vienna is a city located near Austrian, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak borders, so different cultures are mixed here. Some visitors may also enjoy lively nightlife with plenty of bars, restaurant and discos. In general, quality of products and services in Austria reaches the highest standards.

DAY 2: Vienna (Austria)

  • Breakfast
  • City tour with a Chinese speaking tour guide
  • Transfer to Schonbrunn – tour around the park, the chateau and the zoo
  • Free program
  • Overnight stay in Vienna


Schonbrunn can be compared to Versailles in Paris or Peterhof in St. Petersburg. In the past, it was a summer residence of the imperial Habsburg family. We can find here beautiful and carefully decorated gardens with various nooks, mazes and a palm house which is one of the oldest in Europe. In the park, there is the oldest zoo in Europe with all known species. Inside the Royal Palace, there is a large number of unique halls and rooms. Also a famous Austrian Empress Sissi lived here and Napoleon seated here during the occupation of Austria.

DAY 3 –  Transfer to Paris (France)

  • All-day transfer to Paris
  • Lunch break close Strasbourg
  • Accommodation at hotel in Paris


DAY 4 – Paris (France)

  • Breakfast
  • City tour with a Chinese speaking local guide (Notre Dame, Louvre, Champs Elyse’s, Eiffel Tower, Triumphal Arch and others)
  • Free program in the afternoon
  • Overnight stay at hotel in Paris


Paris is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic European cities. We can find here a number of gorgeous historical monument, such as the Eiffel Tower, gothic cathedral Notre Dame, impressive Triumphal Arch (Arc de Triopmhe) which is a memento of Napoleon´s victories or a world well-known museum of Louvre in which people can admire a famous painting of Mona Lisa. One of the most interesting attractions of the city, however, are people. Paris is home to people coming from different continents and cultures. On the streets, you can hear hundreds of music bands creating specific music performances. You will also have the opportunity to visit renowned restaurants and shops where you can taste French and local specialties.

DAY 5 – Versailles and departure to London (United Kingdom)

  • Breakfast
  • Morning sightseeing tour in Versailles (chateau, gardens, boating)
  • Afternoon transfer to London
  • Accommodation at hotel in London


Impressive Versailles Palace is located in the outskirts of Pars and was built during the most prosperous times of French kings. In this representative summer residence, we can find a number of attractions – beautiful Hall of Mirrors decorated by reflections of light rays, gardens, fountains, hundreds of nooks with small buildings or various statues. Each corner gives you a different impression. In the central part of the park, there is a big water reservoir in which you are allowed to ride a boat. There are also two more chateaus – the Petit Trianon and the Grand Trianon.

DAY 6 – London (United Kingdom)

  • Breakfast
  • City tour with a Chinese speaking tour guide (Big Ben, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Buckingham palace and others)
  • Free program in the afternoon
  • Overnight stay at hotel in London


For many centuries, London was a center of the British Empire. In this multicultural and cosmopolitan city, we can find a number of historical monuments and cultural sites. Among the most well-known is the Buckingham Palace (the residence of the Queen and the place of a regular changing the guard), Houses of Parliament or Big Ben tower. Westminster Abbey is a gothic church which has been the traditional place of coronation and burial site for British monarchs. Tower of London is another famous tourist attraction – in the past, it was a castle and a prison, now it serves as the storage place for royal crown jewels. This complex is architectonically linked with probably the best known bridge in the world – the Tower Bridge from the 19th century. In London, you can also visit other attractions, such as Trafalgar Square, Downing Street n.10, Chinatown in Soho with various bars and disco clubs.

DAY 7 – London and transfer to Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  • Breakfast
  • Visit of the British museum or personal free program
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon transfer to Amsterdam (550 km)
  • Accommodation at hotel in Amsterdam


British Museum is one of the largest and most impressive museum in the world. Visitors can find here precious artifacts and exhibits from all parts of the world, e.g. marble statues from an Athenian temple of Parthenon, Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies or a strange crystal skull.

DAY 8 – Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  • Breakfast
  • City tour with a Chinese speaking local guide
  • Free program in the afternoon (possibilities: Van Gogh Museum, cruises along local channels, Red Light District, Sex Museum and others)
  • Overnight stay at hotel in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is one of the controversial places in Europe. There are traditional coffee shops selling soft drugs or a well-known Red Light District – a street full of night bars and sex shops. However, city of Amsterdam has also its cultural and historical value. Thanks to an extensive system of waterways, it is also called as Paris of the North. Visitors also often enjoy interesting cruises along local channels. We can also find here Van Gogh Museum, a replica of a historical cargo ship VOC, cheese shops or beautiful flower markets.

DAY 9 – Dresden and transfer to Prague (Germany and Czech Republic)

  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to Prague (890 km)
  • Stop in Dresden (gallery, historic center)
  • Accommodation at hotel in Prague


Dresden is one of the most wonderful historic cities in Germany. In a local gallery Zwinger, which is located in a baroque palace, you can admire a number of unique works of art. In the very center, there are many Renaissance and Baroque buildings such as the State Opera, Frauenkirche, Town Halls and others.

DAY 10: Prague (Czech Republic)

  • breakfast
  • Prague City Tour with a Chinese speaking guide – Old Town Square, Powder Tower, Charles Bridge, gardens, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral)
  • Free program in the afternoon
  • Overnight stay at hotel in Prague


In the past, Prague was the center of the Kingdom of Bohemia and later also the capital of Czechoslovakia. We can find here many valuable monuments such as the Old Town square, St. Vitus Cathedral, the world famous Prague astronomical clock, one of the most remarkable gothic bridges in the world – Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and many others. Prague will enchant you with its specific romantic atmosphere and a fantastic nightlife. It belongs to the most popular cities for tourists from all over the world.

DAY 11 – Prague (Czech Republic)

  • Transfer to the airport and departure from Prague

Other useful information:

  • Changes in the program are reserved, depending on the current situation and conditions in the destinations.
  • Clients will be provided with an English speaking guide during bus transfers. In specific destinations, English or Chinese speaking local guides will be available.
  • Clients can enjoy a free program in the destinations for wellness, shopping, museum visits and other favorite activities.
  • The total cost of the entrance fees will vary from 100,- EUR to 300,- EUR, depending on preferences of the clients to visit particular monuments and sites.

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